Friday, July 26, 2013

Working of ballistic knife

Working of ballistic knife

How does a ballistic knife work?  This is an interesting question.  How does it work?  Actually ballistic knife has a different types of mechanism for its working. Its power source could be spring loaded or air pressure or explosives. Using air pressure or explosive is quite dangerous but is the most powerful option. Spring loaded ballistic knife is effective only up to the range of five meter.  You can use ballistic knife for close range combat and in case you can fire it to finish your enemy. Since this knife is made for sole purpose of killing, it is considered very dangerous and is banned in United States.

Spring loaded ballistic knife might not be as powerful as compressed air or gas propulsion system to fire the blade. This is because spring loaded ballistic knife will suffer from spring fatigue over time period. Ballistic knives do not have aerodynamic blades. Its design is made for slicing and stabbing but not for propulsion. Custom made ballistic knife could be made more aerodynamic to make it more effective for propulsion. Since the ballistic knives are not aerodynamic, they tremble after traveling short distance.

The trigger to release the blade from ballistic knife is normally at the base from the top of the handle for making it easier to pull by the finger. It could also be customized to be placed at the base or at the side of the handle.

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