Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cool thing about ballistic knife

Ballistic knife is awesome. It is different from those other simple knives found in the market. The most distinguishing feature about ballistic knife is that it can shoot out blade from its handle. This weapon is really dangerous so it is banned in most of the countries.  This knife could be really handy in needed time. Ballistic knife are not so easily found in the market. It is mostly illegal/ only authorized distribute can sell these awesome and dangerous knife. 

The ballistic knife is spring loaded and can shoot out knife from its handle through a trigger. This knife could be used for short range combat. It is made for ease of hand. It can also be used for long range combats. In time of need you could shoot out its blade. Seems really awesome. Just because it is awesome does not mean it is not dangerous. Why do you think it got banned?

To look at the history of ballistic knife it is believed that these ballistic knives were developed for the soviet special force. The closest weapon to these knives is the NRS-2 knife with a built-in firearm in handle. Spring-powered ballistic knives were developed in 1985. These knives were  capable of shooting knife up to the range of 5 meters at a speed of 63 km/h. more powerful ballistic knives could be made using compressed air or gas propulsion to fire the blade. Since most of the blades of ballistic knives are not aerodynamic, the blade would frequently tumble after traveling a short distance. Soviet training doctrine of the day emphasized the use of the thrown knife as a silent weapon. It has got pretty cool history. The man behind this ingenious design must be really proud of his invention.

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