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Spetsnaz ballistic knives for sale – the best proposition among the existing models of spetsnaz knife

Among spetsnaz ballistic knives for sale, there are some really good propositions, which you can add to your collection.

Knife Machete “Taiga” is the first-born knife of the Russian design spetsnaz ballistic knives for sale. The idea to create such a thing came to him after he was worn out in the mountains, taking back the so-called “aviation survival kit” that includes a machete knife and a folding knife. Specificity of “Taiga” is in a differentiated blade sharpening. One of the blades was designed for digging, the other is for ground for cutting wood (“Taiga” excellent digs and cuts), the third part of the function of
Cutters (so the pilot could quickly get rid of the parachute), the fourth is for cutting through the thickets, the fifth is a saw and cutting. In addition, the “Taiga” (spetsnaz knife) provides a solid NAE (portable emergency), placed inside the handle (awl, matches, fish hooks, needles, thread, and other things necessary for survival).

Spetsnaz weapons for sale

NRS-2 is a knife with a built in single-shot firearm able to fire an 7.62x42mm SP-4 cartridge
Fyodor Konyukhov who is called as machete master made him travel around the world, and his Italian counterpart – the head of the European school of survival, the famous traveler Jacek Palkiewicz and Russian astronauts and military pilots also did the same. There was a time when the “Taiga” was interested in Air Force, Saratov plant has manufactured for about a thousand copies. And then, according to Russian designer Skrylev, factory pundits began to “improve” the design and, as usual, destroyed the whole idea … Skrylevs “Taiga” hit the U.S. market, has entered into many prestigious weapons catalogs. It’s touted as a “cool weapon of Russian special forces.” Although this knife is not considered by military weapons, but it really was used in Chechnya.

Spetsnaz knife

From other spetsnaz ballistic knives for sale we can also offer to you the “Beaver” – a military version of the “Taiga”, created at the request of the Army Special Forces. It is more durable, with advanced combat capabilities (in particular, they can be applied to thrust). Has a wrench, claw hammer, a screwdriver. With three pins that screw in the garden, “Beaver” turns into a “cat” and can be used to overcome natural obstacles. The blade is provided for reference line on the map, and the scale of the protractor can use it as a melee weapon sextant. Although a series of “Beaver” has not gone according to the author. It is also has the prospects for spetsnaz knife.
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