Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ballistic Knife A Demanding Tool After the Swine Flu Zombie Hoax

Last week’s swine flu zombie hoax is still in the mind of many and the ballistic knife specially the spetsnaz ballistic knife seem to be in high demand in many countries. People were looking for ballastic knives for sale everywhere. The hoax was created for fun by some guys at the site which created a worldwide buzz.
ballistic knife
Ballistic Knife
Nearly more than one week later now, many people are still looking for this hoax story and surprisingly enough many are still believing this story! This story which initially was set up for fun has make the illegal sales of ballistic knife so popular during the last few days in many countries that even the USA customs recently seized many of the knives.
The Ballistic Knife is a USSR origin knife which infact allow its user to project the blade to a victim. This knife is illegal in many countries and was used mostly by the USSR commando during the 1980 wars. The blade when projected is able to pierce through the human flesh and even cause death if used if poisoned pointers.
The recent zombie hoax created by a guy about swine flu causing zombies has now make many people fear of a possible reality of this hoax. Really it is stupid. We all know zombie does not exist. However the superstition and the December 2012 rumor is now combining in one single buzz fear in many people’s mind. This buzz is making people to buy these ballistic knives illegally to be used against the zombies. What a funny world we live in.

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